Thursday, 15 August 2019

Lovely thank you to Judy as client contact moves on

One of our key client contacts at a large Australian asbestos consultancy is moving on and just sent this lovely email to our Australian Alpha Tracker director, Judy:

"Once again thank you for being so great to work with all these years. Taking Alpha Tracker from something we didn’t use at all to being such an integral and valuable part of how we do our work is honestly one of the achievements I’m most proud of from my time here, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you."

What a great comment to receive and a testament to the customer support that Judy and her team in Adelaide deliver to our clients in Australian and New Zealand.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Best support desk performance for 6 months!

Jess, Andrew, Jack & Elaine had a very good month in July, solving an incredible 94% of high priority problems within the 2 hour target time.  Well done the Start Software support team!

In time (%)
In time (H) (%)
In time (total)
In time (H) (total)
Total solved

Monday, 5 August 2019

Robin's 100 mile charity ride complete (just!)

At times it felt like a warzone!  Far too many accidents (because far too many riders? meant that we were standing still or walking for well over an hour of the ride.

But... at least all of our Countrywide Crusader team got around in one piece and with no punctures!

Ready to start at 08:16

48 miles in and the first major accident - we were standing still for 40 minutes

We're done! 100 miles riden

Fabulous team from our client, Countrywide

The finish line at Buckingham Palace
We've raised £7,700 so far for The Childrens Trust supporting kids with brain injuries.  Do please add your own contribution if you possibly can.  Thanks in advance.

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Charity cycle ride on Sunday 4 August - please support Robin if you can!

On Sunday 4 August, Robin is riding the 100-mile RideLondon cycle event to raise funds for a charity which supports children with brain injuries. He's joining a team of cyclists from our client Countrywide.

Please do support him and the team if you can - here's the link and thanks in advance!

Thursday, 11 July 2019

M3 Associates go live with asbestos software Alpha Tracker

Asbestos consultancy M3 Associates based in Luton, UK, has just gone live with asbestos software Alpha Tracker.

M3 Associates offers asbestos surveys and air testing nationwide and can also provide 4 stage clearances and bulk analysis of asbestos samples.

ISO 17020 & 17025 UKAS accredited, M3 has BOHS P401 qualified bulk analysts who can analyse samples taken by their surveyors. All of their asbestos surveyors have BOHS P402 or RSPH Level 3 in Asbestos Surveying and all their analysts have BOHS P403 and P404 or RSPH Level 3 in Air Testing.

M3 Associates welcomes enquiries from new clients.  Click here to contact them via their website.

Kim visited this week to deliver their initial Alpha Tracker training.  Here are some of the photos taken during the training session:

Monday, 8 July 2019

Britain’s death toll from asbestos at crisis level, figures reveal

Interesting and troubling article in The Guardian this morning, see

Click the image to read the article in The Guardian

Regular readers of the blog will know that I have been personally touched by the devastating effects of Mesothelioma, see

We've been producing software for the asbestos industry (asbestos consultancies, surveyors and building/estate managers) for 20 years now and each year the expectation has been that the "asbestos problem" will reduce in size.  Articles like this confirm that the problem is actually getting worse, in many respects, and the need to manage asbestos in situ is more important than ever.

If we can help your organisation to manage asbestos, do get in touch.  Our Tracker family of asbestos systems (including the web-based Alpha Tracker asbestos software) has helped hundreds of organisations with their asbestos problem and it contains the world's largest database of surveyed asbestos items.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

93% of high priority calls resolved within 2 hours - good result for June 2019

Our support desk (supporting asbestos software Alpha Tracker as well as our other software systems) has had a good June.

They took a total of 616 calls from our clients, and nearly 93% of the urgent calls were resolved within 2 hours. That's a very impressive result.

The trend is pretty static as you can see:

The breakdown of call type might surprise you - most are questions relating to asbestos data collected by surveyors on site - we answer an awful lot of "how do a categorise what I'm seeing" questions...

The second biggest category is "Change request" where asbestos specialist users are asking for new features within Alpha Tracker itself.  If you want a new feature in our software, please do get in touch!