Friday, 11 January 2019

More asbestos surveyors trained to use asbestos software Alpha Tracker

Kim has been on site again this week with two asbestos consultancies helping to train new asbestos surveyors to use our asbestos software Alpha Tracker.

Another 15 asbestos surveyors are now live with our site asbestos data capture system, Tracker Mobile, enabling them to:

- load up their asbestos survey jobs from home onto their smartphone or tablet

- read project documentation, method statements and check plans before attending site

- complete their risks assessment before starting work

- capture data about asbestos samples and non-suspect items together with photos and notes

- send the asbestos data, photos and plan from site back to the server ready for the samples to be analysed and the asbestos report produced.

Can we help your asbestos consultancy to remove paperwork from your business or swap from another system?  We offer special discounts to users of other systems so get in touch now!

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Strong finish to the year from the Start Software Support Desk

Our Support Desk has been working all over the Christmas and the New Year period to help asbestos surveyors and administrators calling for help with asbestos software Alpha Tracker and the site asbestos data capture system, Tracker Mobile.

Altogether in December, we took 361 calls and 95% of the high priority ones were dealt with within 2 hours.  Overall, looking at problems raised with low, medium and high priority, 83% were resolved within the timescale requested by the caller.

Start Software support performance throughout 2018
Remember that you can (and do!) call 24/7 and we're proud to say that you will always speak to a real human being - never an answerphone and never an automated call system!  This support costs us a lot to deliver but we feel it is worth it so that you and your asbestos team have access to the very best support available in the industry.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Asbestos software Alpha Tracker Release 30 nearly ready

Our latest asbestos software Alpha Tracker update, Release 30, is nearly ready.

Dan has just published Alpha Tracker Release 30 beta 3, making it available to asbestos consultancies who are part of our beta testing programme.  Release 30 will contain more than 100 new features, bug fixes and performance improvements and will be welcomed by clients using Release 29 or earlier (click here for details of the previous update, made available in the autumn).

One of the key new features which Release 30 will make available is the new Alpha Draw site plan module which we have been blogging about throughout the second half of 2018.

There is still time to squeeze another couple of improvements into the software, so do get in touch if there is a feature you'd like to see!

Friday, 21 December 2018

Another asbestos consultancy chooses Alpha Tracker - welcome LAANZ!

It's lovely to end the year with another Alpha Tracker asbestos software order.

This time it is Auckland (New Zealand) based asbestos consultancy LAANZ who has researched the market and has chosen to have Alpha Tracker as their asbestos management software.

LAANZ are WorkSafe New Zealand licensed asbestos assessors having proven their abilities with industry qualifications and many years of experience in the industry.  Specifically, LAANZ work in these areas of asbestos management:

  • Issuing clearance certificates
  • Management surveys
  • Refurbishment surveys
  • Demolition surveys
  • Air monitoring
  • Management plans
  • Asbestos awareness courses
  • Asbestos Removal Guidance
Improving the efficiency of surveying for asbestos is at the heart of Alpha Tracker:
  1. Before the survey, you can log calls and other contacts, generate quotes and plan work
  2. When the asbestos surveyor is on site, they will have access to the Tracker Mobile data collection app enabling data, plans and photos to be captured on smartphone and tablet
  3. Back in the asbestos lab, the results are recorded and auto-entered into the survey report
  4. The asbestos report is generated with one-click!  It is produced in your format, too, not ours
  5. The report is then viewable and shareable via the built-in Alpha Tracker Client Portal
  6. To wrap up the job, you can generate an invoice automatically and post to Sage, Xero or other accounts packages.

Welcome LAANZ to the Alpha Tracker asbestos software family!

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Christmas & New Year arrangements at Start Software

Where did 2018 go?!?  It has flown by for us and I'm sure it's the same for you. Hope you've had a good year and have an even better 2019.

Anyway... our support desk is open 24x7 to support you and your business throughout the festive period although our Telford and Adelaide offices will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day as usual.

Our chosen asbestos charity for 2018 - Mesothelioma UK
We'll be sending a donation to Mesothelioma UK instead of buying Christmas cards.  Given our connection with the asbestos industry (via Tracker and Alpha Tracker) we hope you agree with our decision to help charities supporting individuals and families affected by this devastating asbestos-related illness.

Monday, 3 December 2018

November's support performance at Start Software

Looking back at October's results, we're quite pleased with the stats for November.

Start Software - Support Performance - November 2018

We received 600 calls and emails for assistance in November, and 85% were solved within 4 hours.  For the urgent problems, nearly 19 in every 20 calls were resolved by the help desk within 2 hours.

That's a busy month but hopefully lots of satisfied customers!

Monday, 26 November 2018

Latest Alpha Tracker beta release is available

Beta testers for asbestos software Alpha Tracker will be available to download and install Release 30 beta 1 from today.

the Alpha Tracker website
If you would like your asbestos consultancy to be a beta tester for Alpha Tracker, do get in touch.